7 Tried And Tested Ways For Thick Beautiful Hair

Dont we all wish we had thick hair? We can help turn those dreams into a reality! Follow this hair care regime for that thick bouncy look you have always been waiting for. Be gentle with your hair and it will show you best results. 7 Tried And Tested Ways For Thick Beautiful Hair

1. Get a massage regularly Massaging your hair with oil before your hair wash increases blood circulation in the scalp and improves the quality of your hair. The oil helps keep your hair more manageable and improves hair growth.

2. Keep your head down When washing your hair keep your head down, this improves blood circulation which helps hair grow faster. Make sure to use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner for thicker looking hair.

3. Are you drying your hair right? Avoid rubbing off the excess water from your hair. Let the towel soak off the excess water from your hair.

4. Don't comb when wet When you comb your hair when it is wet it weakens the roots which causes hair fall. Let your hair dry naturally and comb it gently. Comb your hair before your shower to remove the tangles making it easier to clean your hair better.

5.Heat does no good If you want thicker, fuller hair stay away from those heat appliances. They only spoil your hair quality and cause breakage.

6. Be hydrated Drink plenty of water to get that volume you are craving for. Water helps to make the hair grow faster and longer.

7. Get rid of the split ends Cut of the split ends as they cause damage to your hair and prevent it from growing faster and longer. A trim at the salon helps get thicker hair.


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