How To Get Your Hair Ready For The Big Day

Your hair is one of the main components of your wedding look and it is extremely important that it looks on point. Great wedding hair is about more than just the perfect style. The colour, cut and condition are just as important. Check out these tips to prep your hair before the big day. How To Get Your Hair Ready For The Big Day 1. Book A Consultation Meet with a hairstylist three to five months before the wedding, sooner if you plan to change your look. Make sure that what you want will work with your color, length, and style. 2. Be Open To Changing Your Hair If you're in love with a particular style, ask your stylist if she would recommend changing anything about your current cut and color to make it look its best. You may find that your style would look better with side-swept bangs or that you should cut layers into your long locks to add dimension. If you’re highlighting your hair, get a touchup two weeks before the big day, which will give it time to tone down. 3. Start Growing Out Short Hair Typically, for every half-inch you would like to add to your length, you will need to allow one month of growing time. If you don't reach your goal, hair extensions can always be added. 4. Have A Haircut Two weeks before the wedding, freshen up the shape of your style, but don't take off any substantial length from the bottom. 5. Washing Your Hair It is recommended that you should not wash your hair on the day of your wedding. Instead, shampoo it the day before and use only a light conditioning rinse. Hair that's too smooth won't hold a style well. Check out these Bridal Hairstyles That Will Blow Your Mind.
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