How To Effectively Gym Proof Your Hair For A Workout

When you’re in your workout zone at the gym, don’t let your greasy hair get in the way! Washing your hair too often will make your hair dry and cause dandruff, and when you don’t it looks dull and oily. To find that perfect line between doing too much and nothing at all, take a look at our hair care routine for all those hectic gym days! How To Effectively Gym Proof Your Hair For A Workout 1. Get that style on Gather your hair and tie it up with an elastic band. A high ponytail or a bun works perfectly for those workout days. For those loose strands, use pins or hair gel to settle them down. Make sure not to tie your hair too tight. 2. Sweat proof is the way to go There are particular hair products that keep your hair sweat proof when exercising. Use a bit of hairspray or hair gel to keep your look together. Braids, French plaits are good workout hairstyles that make sure your hair does not come in contact with your body sweat. 3. Keep it cool Blow dry or use gel on your sweaty hair, this helps to further postpone your next hair wash. To get rid of that stickiness in your hair and to leave it looking dry and refreshed, use BBLUNT’s Back To Life Dry Shampoo close to your roots. 4. Shower the right way Use a suitable hair conditioner after you shampoo your hair to prevent dryness and leave your hair looking fresh and smelling nice. Instead of using a leave- in conditioner at all times, you can also use a good hair oil. 5. Wash those bands too Dip your hair tie’s & rubber bands in a mild soap solution as well so that they do not affect your clean hair. If you are working out at home, use a shower cap to lock your hair up so that it does not come into any contact with your body sweat.
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