How To Keep A Fresh Scalp This Monsoon

Rainy days are here! But with the downpour come the humid hair problems and no matter what season it may be, grease is never far away. So, what’s the secret to sporting a fresh scalp this monsoon? Read on to find out! How To Keep A Fresh Scalp This Monsoons 1. Keep It Clean Love to get wet in the rains? Let’s face it whether the answer is a yes or a no, your hair is going to get wet at some point or the other. Rainwater is full of impurities and chemicals, and that’s why regular shampooing is a must to keep your scalp clean. Use the BBLUNT Spring Fling Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness to zap away the grease and grime in between washes. With its fresh, floral fragrance, it’s the best dry shampoo that gives you a springtime buzz in the rains! 2. Keep It Dry The only thing that should stay dry this monsoon is your mane! Dampness destroys the quality of your hair leading to hair breakage and itchy scalp problems. Dry your hair naturally with a bath towel and avoid getting it wet to combat monsoon mane problems. 3. Keep It Natural Go for natural home remedies, like a honey and yogurt hair mask to nourish your hair. A fenugreek paste can be used to keep dandruff and scalp infections at bay. This monsoon, give your mane the love and care it deserves! Check out, Argan Oil Hair Serum That Offers Nourishment.
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