How to Keep Your Hair Volumized All Day Long

Ladies, we know its summer and those bad hair days are approaching. Struggles to keep your hair volumized are real! Be it heredity, hormones or treated hair, your hair volume messes up and we absolutely feel your pain! So what do you do for getting that extra volume? Read on to find out how to keep your hair volumized all day long.

  1. Change Your Partition

Having the same parting for years and years? It’s about time you change it and embrace the other partition of your hair. Your hair might flatten out and lose its volume over the course of time. To get rid of that you need to start parting your hair in a different direction. This gives you an instant volume in the crown area making your hair look all voluminous and super gorgeous!

  1. Blow Dry Upside Down

Looking for a perfect blow-dry technique? How about blow-drying your hair upside down? That’s right! The simple reason it works is because your roots are automatically lifting your scalp. It creates an instant spunk and adds a hint of volume to your hair. Before you blow-dry, on your damp hair start by spraying some of the Now flip your hair upside down and start blowing drying it section by section. Once dry enough, flip it backwards and lightly brush them with your fingers! There you have it, instantly voluminous hair.



  1. Treat Your Roots

While we focus on our strands and our ends we tend to forget our roots and scalp. Roots are the most important of your hair, we know you condition your hair often but it’s important to have deep nourishment for your roots. Your hair goes through a lot, pollution, treatments, chemicals and whatnot. To get rid of this you need to treat your roots with proper oil treatment and a hair mask. You can opt for  as a hair mask. Apply this over your damp hair, section by section and let it sit for a while. Rinse it off after a few minutes. This will not only help your hair feel fresh but also rejuvenate your tresses.

  1. Use A Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Have you ever thought of getting voluminous hair with shampoo? The right shampoo and conditioner can make your hair places! Like literally, if you have been wanting voluminous hair and using your regular shampoo, you need to switch it up. You can opt for After you wash your hair, we bet you’re gonna see a difference!

  1. Sleep In A Bun

Have you slept in a bun before? I am sure you must have, but have you checked your hair the day after that? So voluminous and wavy right? If you tie your hair in a bun and sleep overnight, it naturally helps your hair to maintain the volume and ends up looking fuller the day after.

On the next day, you can take off your bun and spray some of them and give your hair that dose of freshness.

Say goodbye to your worries of getting super voluminous hair. Follow these tips and you will get voluminous hair in no time. Craving for more hair secrets? Checkout Easy Hair Hacks To Increase Hair Volume!

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