How To Make A Braided Ponytail

Braid and ponytail are probably the two most versatile hairstyles. They top the list of easy to do hairdos. Now blend the two and you get a hairstyle that is not just easy but super high on the style quotient. With these simple steps, you will be able to get that perfect Braided Ponytail. Follow these steps and stylize your weekend look in just a few minutes. How To Make A Braided Ponytail Things You Need 1. BBLUNT Fairytail Wrap Around Long Ponytail Hair Extension 2. Bobby Pins 3. Comb 4. Rubber Bands braided ponytail step 1 Step 1- Do the Braid Take a section of your side hair on the right. Divide it into three smaller sections. To start braiding, move the left section over the middle. Next, move the right section over the middle. Continue doing this, till you reach the end of your strand. Secure the braid with a rubber band. Braid your side hair on the left in the same fashion. Step-2 Step 2- Gather Your Hair Gather all the hair, including the braids, over the crown. Now take a rubber band and make a ponytail. Secure the braids on the side using bobby pins. braided ponytail step 3 Step 3- Wrap On The Fairytail Take the BBLUNT Fairytail Wrap Around Long Ponytail Hair Extension and wrap it around your ponytail. This extension will give your braided ponytail, a gorgeous length. To watch this hairstyle video, click here.
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