How To Make A Classic Chignon

Nothing beats a Classic Chignon when it comes to easy and sleek hairdos. It goes well with almost every attire and gets you ready for any occasion. With these simple steps, you will be able to make a classic chignon in just a few minutes. Check out these simple steps and start styling. How To Make A Classic Chignon Things You Need 1. BBLUNT Fairytail Wrap Around Long Ponytail Hair Extension 2. Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine 3. Bobby Pins 4. Comb 5. Rubber Bands 6. U-Pins classic chignon - step 1 Step 1- Pin Up Front Section Comb your hair and pin up the front section using bobby pins. This will ensure that your hair will be in place, giving your classic chignon a neat look. classic chignon- step 2 Step 2- Tie A Ponytail Gather all your hair and tie a low ponytail using a rubber band. Step-3 Step 3- Wrap On The Fairytail Take the BBLUNT Fairytail Wrap Around Long Ponytail Hair Extension and wrap it around your low ponytail. Wrap it in a way that your rubber band is covered. With this extension in place, you will get the length you need for a chignon. classic chignon- step 4 Step 4- Make A Bun Now take another rubber band and make a bun. While pulling out your hair, leave the lower half of the hair out to make a half bun. classic chignon- step 5 Step 5- Wrap, Twist and Secure Wrap the loose hair strands around the bun covering up the rubber band, sealing the bun. Twist the strand and secure it in place using U-Pins. If there is any hair left out, then just secure it with U-Pins. Step-6 Step 6- Spray And Go Finish off your look with a spritz of BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish Instant Shine. To watch this hairstyle video, click here.
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