Tips To Help That Blowout Last Longer

The moment you step out of the salon, the only thought that lingers in your mind is how to make the freshly styled hair last longer. From oily scalps to humidity, all these factors play natural enemies when it comes to our perfectly styled hair. To avoid all the distress, here are some tips that help a blowout stay longer! Tips To Help That Blowout Last Longer 1. Wash Your Hair Twice One thing that always helps your blow-dry last is having very clean hair. When you wash your hair, make sure you shampoo them twice and try using a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly cleanse the scalp. 2. Go Easy On The Conditioner Apply a lesser amount of conditioner on your hair to prevent your roots from becoming oily. 3. Cool Off Your stylist should finish your blowout with cold air as it helps lock moisture and prevent frizz later on. This helps giving a longer life to your blowout. 4. Sleep On Silk Sleeping on your hair can compromise your blowout. However, if you invest in a silk pillowcase, your hair will be able to slide without rubbing and this helps prevent maximum breakage and split ends. Another great alternative is a silk scarf! Just wrap the scarf around your hair (tie it into a knot) and your blowout will look as good as new the morning after! 5. Prevent Sweating This is very important! Sweat can wear out the curls due to its moisture and moisture as we know, is the biggest enemy of a blowout. Hence, avoid the gym at all costs! 6. Refresh To ensure your blowout lasts, it’s important for you to refresh between washes. A dry shampoo is perfect for this! Try BBLUNT’s Back to Life Dry Shampoo that absorbs excess grease & grime and revamps the hair in seconds. This helps your hair look fresh and gives an extra bounce!
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