How To Make Your Curls Last Longer

Oh how we love beautiful, voluminous, bouncy curls. But you know what's even better? Beautiful, flawless, curled hair that lasts longer! Here are five tips that will help your curls last longer! Curls For Days! How To Make Your Curls Last Longer 1. Prevent Sweating To make your curls last longer, tie a high pony throughout the day and avoid the gym or any other sweat inducing activity. 2. Wash And Avoid Conditioning Make sure you wash your hair twice before curling your hair. Doing this and avoiding using a conditioner helps less oil build up. It makes your hair smooth and the curls can easily open up. 3. Invest In Good Quality Hair Tools To avoid disappoints and ensure your get curls that last longer, invest in some good quality hair products and hair curlers or straighteners. Although they’re more expensive, they’re recommended by stylists for a reason. 4. Refresh Your Curls Your curls and scalp will eventually start looking oily, so refresh your look with some dry shampoo. Now those who prefer avoiding the chemical dry shampoos have another alternative of baby powder. It works well and does minimal damage. 5. Never Forget The Hairspray All of your efforts can go to waste if you don’t apply hairspray. This helps gives your curls some texture and makes sure they stay in place.
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