How To Make Your Gorgeous Grey Hair Stand Out

How many of you always shy away from those greys? Well ladies, there is a reason grey almost sounds like the word great, it’s because it is! Grey hair is actually considered quite the fashion trend these days. Why should you hide your glorious greys when you can flaunt them instead? People all over the world are choosing to go for grey and sport their silver locks in various styles. Grey hair actually makes you look like a silver fox, and we all love those don’t we? Know the right style and cut and embrace your greys! How To Make Your Gorgeous Grey Hair Stand Out 1. Leave it long Let your locks be free! Grey hair looks good merged with your natural hair colour and left long. You can add a stylish puff on the crown of your head to add a little drama and make that grey hair pop! 2. Fringes are back Fringes are back with a bang! (Pun intended) Try giving your greys a cut and sport a fringe of some side bangs. This will also work well if you have a round face and you want those greys to complement your face shape. 3. Braid it grey If your greys are more prominent behind your ears or next to your neck, braid them! This is probably our favourite out of all the styles. Every hairstyle must have its silver lining, don’t you agree? 4. Curl and conquer Another fabulous way to embrace your grey hair would be going for effortless and loose curls! Curling your hair will add another layer of drama to your hair and definitely make your greys shine. 5. Hot grey mess A messy bun complements mostly all outfits and it complements your glorious greys as well! Tie your hair into a messy bun for any event and people will surely compliment you on your grey tresses!
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