How To Match Your Hairstyle For Every Ocassion

We love trying out different hair- dos and experimenting with our hair. Be it for a party, meeting or special occasions a new hairstyle highlights our fancy outfits and helps us express ourselves. Here’s a list of hairstyles that are stylish and go with various occasions giving you an edgy and chic look! How To Match Your Hairstyle For Every Occasion Courtesy- Pinterest 1. The Undone This hairstyle is ideal for hair length below the shoulder, the soft curls and an undone bun gives it a casual yet formal look. This looks fun and feminine without a ton of work. The trick here is to curl your hair outward and upward instead of straight up and down. Wear it curly to add both volume and a distinct sense of formality. How To Match Your Hairstyle For Every Ocassion Courtesy- Pinterest 2. The Formal Bun This is a timeless and classic hairstyle that has stayed with us for generations. Start by twisting a thick amount of hair strand starting from the earline and pin it back with the help of hair clips. Then twist sections of hair that are left down, into loops and pinning them in place as you go. Don’t worry about this hair do looking messy, it goes with all personalities and for various occasions. This will work wonders if you’re a bridesmaid this season! How To Match Your Hairstyle For Every Ocassion Courtesy- Pinterest 3. The Classic Ponytail Hair stays simple and drama free with this cute look. It requires a curling iron and a light holding product. Make sure that the hair is completely dry before you start styling it. This easy likeable style is a favourite for many because its super chic! Check out the right haircut that suits your face shape.
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