How To Nail Your Braid Like A Boss

Your braid your way! Take a look at these tips that will help your braid look fabulous every time you flaunt it. Let your braid sit still across hours and still look stylish as ever. So ladies, are you ready to twist and turn? How To Nail Your Braid Like A Boss 1. Get The Part To find the right parting. Comb your hair and let it fall natural to the side. That will help choose the right hair parting for your hairstyles. 2. Texturize Your Hair Your hair needs texture to hold the braids together. Before you start plaiting it up, spritz on some texture spray so that your hair gets the grip it needs to pull of the braided look 3. Do It Tight When braiding up your hair, start tight so that it does not unravel during your day or night out. You can always loosen it up with your fingertips once done. But making it tighter once its almost ready is quite a task. 4. Practice More To get the right braid within no time, practice your twists and turns. You can get a simple braid done and leave the house looking stylish and ready. Get more used to making plaits at home, so that you can ace that braid on the go! 5. Shortcut Route First start braiding as many small sections as possible. Then start working on the bigger sections of the braid and pin it all up. This will save time and look intricate as well. 6. Wet Braid Straight out of the shower, once you plait your braid up it will set better and have enough time to dry. This will last through the day and look amazing too. For all those flyaways, just pop a few bobby pins.
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