How To Use A Hair Serum To Moisturize Your Hair Before Heat Styling

What can be more fun than flaunting perfect-looking beach waves one day and sleek and straight tresses the next day? Is heat styling a major part of your hair style regime? It can give you those flawless locks to flaunt, but they come at a cost to pay. Don’t let the damage keep you from playing the mane game. Find out how to protect your hair against heat styling wreckage. How To Use A Hair Serum To Moisturize Your Hair Before Heat Styling 1. Dollop Full Of Jojoba Goodness. Get the natural goodness of Jojoba, Avocado, Argan Oil and Vitamin E in just one dollop of the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Serum. Start with towel dried hair and take a coin-sized dollop in your hand. 2. Work The Magic Through Your Hair This moisture-rich genie takes just a few minutes to perk up dry and dull tresses. Work the serum through your hair thoroughly. Don’t forget to focus on the mid-lengths and the ends. 3. Adjust According To Length Are you rocking a pixie currently or long, wavy hair? Be sure to apply more or less serum according to the length of your tresses. 4. Style Away That’s it, now go on and style your smooth, manageable locks any way you want to! Wasn’t that the quickest way to raise your moisture game while protecting against heat-styling damage, too? Check out, A Little Moisture Goes A Long Way.
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