How To Prevent Hair Fall This Monsoon

Summers are officially off your back, the first drop of monsoon has hit and you’re happy as a peacock! But this heat and rain weather leading to humidity is the main reason for hair fall. Your hair tends to enter a damage phase due to the humidity in the weather which would cause breakage and hair fall. Monsoon humidity leaves hair brittle and dry. Hence during monsoon, our hair needs extra love and care to shine through the monsoon. Read on to know how to prevent hair fall this monsoon.

1. Wash Away The Rain

As much as you love dancing in the raining and enjoying every bit of the rains it might affectyour hair. Yes, that’s right getting drenched in the rain is fun but you need to take proper care of it. When you wet your hair in the rains it makes your hair sticky and gives you a sticky scalp. The rain water is acidic and polluted which is the reason you need to protect your hair. It needs proper hygiene during the monsoons you can opt for the which is enriched with Argan oil. It will help you retain your hair after its damaged due to the rain.

2. Oiling Is Must

During the monsoon, the weather robs away the natural luster and moisture out of your hair. Which leaves your hair limp, weak and prone to breakage. Oiling your hair helps you retain the lost moisture and keeps it nourished. Additionally, it promotes blood circulation and strengthens your hair and roots which eventually prevents hair fall.

3. Shampoo And Condition Regularly

Do you want an itchy scalp and loose good amount of hair? No, right!The humidity in the monsoon can cause sweat and grime build-up on scalp, thus attracting dirt particles.. Regular usage of shampoo and conditioner helps you keep your head clean and fresh. You can opt for the which is enriched with provitamins and goodness of quinoa. This will help you achieve a healthy scalp leading to more hair growth and less hair fall.

4. Hair Accessories

Are you having a bad hair day? We have a quick fix for you! Hair accessories are here to save the day. During the monsoons the humidity hits hard on our hair as it’s most exposed part of our body. Your scalp turns oily and hair sticky leading to hair fall. To get yourself a quick fix you can accesorize with a scarf or hairband to protect your hair from attracting excessive moisture to your hair. It would not only save your bad hair day but also give your style an instant pep!

5. Use A Dry Shampoo

If you’re trying to save time in the morning, dry shampoo is your ultimate saviour! Dry shampoos are here to ease your shower routine, just few sprays and your hair will be fresh as if it’s just out of the shower. is exactly what you need in your life to catch up on that extra beauty sleep. All you have to do is, shake the bottle and spray it few inches away from your scalp and rub for oh-so glamourous look! There’s nothing like the feeling of getting wet in the rain with a song in your heart and all your hair on your head! Want to learn more about monsoon hair care? Check out Hair Care Tips For Monsoon!
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