How To Prevent An Oily Scalp This Summer

Tips To Prevent An Oily Scalp This Summer

The summer can be taxing in a lot of ways and one of the biggest problems we end up facing is oily and greasy hair because of the sweat and humidity. Our scalp becomes more prone to oiliness and irritation, making it impossible to have a good hair day beyond the first day of hair wash. How do we solve this problem and get rid of the annoying oily scalp? Check out these quick tips!


1. Reduce The Shampoo Cycle

Greasy hair? Just wash it right? Wrong. While logically it makes sense to just wash your hair more often to get rid of the grease, shampooing your hair too much is probably what’s causing the scalp to be extra oily in the first place. Oiliness is more often than not, a result of your scalp reacting to the lack of moisture and producing more oil than needed.


2. Target The Sebum

When you shampoo your hair too much, you strip the scalp of its natural sebum. This is when the body releases more oil/sebum. You can never win in this vicious cycle unless you prevent the sebum over-secretion. The best way? Skip the shampoo. Start with shampooing your hair every two days, then after a few weeks, increase the gap to three days. Give this process a few months and your scalp will become accustomed to this cycle, producing less sebum during the gaps. Use dry shampoos like the BBLUNT Classic Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness to keep the hair fresh between the gaps as well till the natural cycle of less oil sets in.


3. Use The Right Shampoo

Sometimes changing your shampoo and conditioner can do wonders to your hair. While this may come as a surprise, a moisture rich shampoo and conditioners like the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner can actually help produce less oil and prevent oily scalp. By making sure that your shampoo isn’t stripping your hair and scalp off its moisture, you’re making sure that your body doesn’t produce extra sebum.


4. Rinse With Cool Water

Hot water can activate the production of sebum, causing the hair to be oilier after the wash. A cool water rinse helps close the hair cuticles, preventing damage to your hair from heat styling tools. Rinsing with cold water has a lot of benefits, like giving your hair extra shine. Time to switch off the geyser now!


5. Keep Your Hands Off
That’s right. Constantly touching your hair and scalp throughout the day, brushing it too much or styling it too much can cause your scalp to produce more sebum. Touching your hair, again and again, will also dirty it more, transferring the dust and grease from your hands to your hair. The less you fiddle with your hair, the less oily it remains. Follow these tips to keep your scalp free from oil and to control the oil secretion. Looking out for more tips on how to prevent oily scalp? Check out these 4 Home Remedies For Oily And Greasy Hair.
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