Winter Got Nothing On Your Curls

It’s important to keep your curls moisturized always. With winter around the corner, the cold and dry air doesn’t exactly help! But don’t freak out. Making a few simple tweaks to your current natural hair regimen can be all you need to guard your curls until the sun comes out again. If you try these winter haircare tips, your mane will be ready to take over the season! Winter Got Nothing On Your Curls 1. Condition It Always During the winters, double up on that conditioner which will protect your curls and make them set better. For a bouncy look try the BBLUNT Full On Volume Conditioner For Fine Hair. 2. Try New Looks Braids, twists, and top knots will keep your ends hidden away from cold winds and lessen the amount of styling you do daily. 3. Balanced Diet You are what you eat and what you delete, so don’t cheat because it doesn’t help. Go for a healthy balanced diet and hydrate yourself throughout the day. 4. Hat Protection If hats and beanies are your thing, use a nice silk cap between your hair and the hat. This will protect your hair from tangling up with your head gear. 5. No Need To Comb Let your finger do the work and keep your comb aside in winters. Finger combing decreases the stress on your delicate tresses and is just plain easier. 6. Trim It To Winters Trims aid in less knotting, easy detangling and better styling results, so it will make your hard winters work that much easier. Check out Kangana Ranuat's Decoded Verve Look.
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