5 Ways To Protect Your Hair When You Sleep

For that beauty sleep, be gentle with your hair. The more care for your hair will show some great results. The less you do to your hair, the better it looks! Take a look at your new bedtime hair care routine to protect your hair while you sleep. Follow these tips and your hair will not disappoint you next morning. 5 Ways To Protect Your Hair When You Sleep 1. Brush your hair Remove all the tangles and knots before you go to bed and let your hair be loose. Combing your hair at night will improve the blood circulation and help you get better sleep. Not to mention how quickly you can get ready the next morning! 2. Braid it up Twist and turn your hair up anyway you like, this will help your hair be in place every time you toss and turn at night. Make sure you keep your braid loose, a tight hairstyle is the worst thing for your hair. Dont pull your hair when you braid it up, thats one of the reasons that causes hair fall. 3. Get the right pillowcase A satin or silk pillowcase will cause less damage to your hair than a regular pillowcase. If you dont already have it, you and your hair are missing out! 4. Sleep with dry hair Wet hair is prone to breakage and gets frizzy easily. Dry your hair before you go to sleep, that will help keep it in place next morning. Use a blow dryer on low heat, or simply towel dry your hair to remove the excess water. 5. Avoid bands Elastic bands cause a lot of damage to your hair, leave your hair loose or tie it up with a loose scrunchie. Tight hair bands are the worst thing for your hair overnight. Use clips instead of your bands whenever possible.
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