How To Restore Damaged Hair

If you think you are one of the few suffering from dry and damaged hair, then you couldn’t be more wrong! Damaged hair is something almost every girl experiences as every one of us loves to experiment with our hair. Be it a bad hair colouring job or burnt strands, we all have our own hair horror stories to tell. Before you get panic attacks about how to restore your precious damaged hair, let us help you in bringing your luscious locks back to life.

1. Time To Chop

Do not worry, we are not asking you to chop off all your precious tresses but just the split-ends since that’s the damaged part. Split ends are not healthy and restrain the healthy growth of hair, hence never skip your regular salon visit to get rid of the split ends.

2. The Right Products

It is crucial to treat your hair right in every way possible especially when it comes to choosing the right hair cleansers. Go for products that are designed especially to treat damaged hair like the With ingredients like argan oil and keratin, it helps boost nourishment back to the damaged, limp hair. Make sure that you always follow it up with the to get the best results.

3. Post Shower Care

When you are on the road to restoring your damaged hair, never skip the post-shower care for your mane. Always apply some of the on damp hair. It will help replenish overly damaged hair, leaving strands supple and repaired without sacrificing natural bounce and movement. It also acts as a bodyguard to protect your hair against harmful pollution.

4. Heatless Hairstyles

We know it is hard to refrain from your favourite hot tools but be strong and avoid using any curling tongs, straightening irons or even hair dryers for at least some time. Instead, you can try your hand at the various heatless hairstyles that look gorgeous and do not cause any heat damage to your hair. The variants of braids and buns are a great hit when it comes to donning heatless hairstyles.

5. Eat Right

Healthy hair not only needs the right products but also the right kind of diet. It is important what you fuel your body with, as it reflects on your skin and hair. Now is the correct time to start including those vitamins and proteins you always read about in your daily diet.

6. Time To Mask

Hair masks are highly recommended when you are trying to restore health back to your brittle and damaged hair. While many suggest hair masks made out of the kitchen ingredients, you never know which combination will suit you the most. So instead of huffing and puffing in your kitchen which might not lead to the best results, go for in-salon hair spa treatments. Leave it to the hair experts to tell you what is best suited for your mane.

7. Condition Before Swimming

If you have the habit of going for regular swims, then it is crucial to protect your mane against the chlorine-infused water. Always apply the to condition your hair. Double up the protection by putting on a silicon swim cap which will ensure minimum contact with water. So remember to leave the wet slicked hairstyle to be shown off on required occasions but never when you are in a pool! In a fix about which hairstyle to go for when you are off hot tools? Check out, Easy And Unique Ways To Braid Your Hair
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