How To Rock Your Pomadour Hairstyle Like A Boss

You have got the look you wanted, but styling it is becoming a problem? Your style guide to the pompadour is right here, take a look below. Follow these tips and get your hairstyle on point always. How To Rock Your Pompadour Hairstyle Like A Boss 1. Style It Right Rounder, smaller face shapes can carry off the longer look better, while longer or boxy faces should keep it short and more classic. A beard would look good with that pompadour, but find the perfect length to ace the look. To have a successful experiment, you must start by shaving the sides, and cut smaller amounts from the top until you reach a length you are comfortable with. This process helps you find a length that best suits you from all the rest. 2. Mousse To Spruce If your mane is getting a little wild, use some hair mousse to control it. Hair gel or hair wax will help make it shiny and sleek. Dont go overboard with the amount of product you use, just a little is all you need to style it right. 3. Blow It Out A good blow dry helps set that pompadour to perfection. Make sure you use a barrel brush and blow dry your hair upwards, away from your face. Celebrate the look with a spritz of hairspray and you are ready! 4. Top Tips For The Look Got relatively straighter hair? Make sure you add some texture to the tops of the pompadour. Curly or wavy hair types can add more to the length of the hairstyle. You can get the undercut style along with the pompadour to add a bit of edge to your look.
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