How To Sport Bombshell Waves

Nothing draws the eye like a fountain of beautiful bombshell waves. So if you’re looking to steal the spotlight, this voluminous look is the way to get front and center. There's something that needs to be said about waves being the MOST versatile hairstyle ever. We mean off-duty or full glam, you know you cannot go wrong with waves. But sometimes, they're not as effortless and easy to do. There's that super thin line between effortlessly messy and actually messy, between volume and frizz. So follow along and get ready to showcase your luscious, Hollywood look in just five steps.

Tools needed to achieve this style: Blow dryer, 1-inch curling iron, hair clamp, brush.

 Step 1: Prepare your hair for styling. After a quick towel dry, squeeze 2-3 coin-sized amount of BBLUNT Intense Moisture Serum Hair Serum into the palm of your hand and massage it through your damp hair. Use a brush to evenly distribute it from your roots to your ends, which will help provide extra volume for hair styling.

Step 2: After applying the hair mousse, flip your hair over (head down) and blow dry your hair upwards for that extra lift until completely dry.

Step 3: Begin the curling process. Split your hair into 4 sections (top, bottom, and two sides). Using the curling iron and clamp, start at the bottom and curl in 1-2 inch sections. To get a soft glamorous look, make sure to curl all the strands away from your face and in the same direction.

Pro Tip: Start as high as possible on the strand, pulling the hair upwards. As you continue, regrip the piece of hair during curling. This creates a robust body and a more bouncy curl.

Step 4: Remove the iron and hold each ringlet that was just curled in place by your roots. Allow it to cool in your hand for about 8 seconds before letting it cascade down into place.

Pro Tip: Your hair holds the shape it cools down in. Taking these extra few seconds per section locks it in place before you apply your hairspray.

Step 5: Time to loosen those waves up! Rake your fingers gently through your curls. Then, brush through them once to make that signature smooth and wavy look. Apply some of the BBLUNT High Definition Curl Defining Cream to secure your glam curls. This finishing spray helps with frizz control and flyaways for when you take your look on the go.

Pro Tip: Flip your hair upside down and spray where needed to fluff and make the style your own.

Step 6 (Optional): To have this look last all week, touch up between washes with BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness In Spring Fling for an easy refresh of your bombshell waves.

Voilà! Your glam waves are fresh and fabulous to sport wherever life takes you — just be ready to stop and take a look when you spot your reflection. To see how the look is completed from start to finish, watch the video above and see how Olivia Rink uses our curly hair products for herself.

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