How To Style A Pixie Cut Like An Absolute Boss

Got a pixie cut but not sure how to style it? Well, we have the perfect tips for you! With the right styling products, you can make that pixie cut of yours look envious. Follow these tricks to get that sleek and shiny look.

How To Style A Pixie Cut Like An Absolute Boss

1. Let those bangs hang soft To make your pixie cut look more feminine, blow- dry your bangs to the side using a small round brush. Iron the bangs to frame your face better. Then tousle them up and separate them with your fingers.

2. Texturizing products Lightweight styling products provide that sleekness and shine along with getting rid of the frizz. Go for products with more texture to give your hair the right style at all times.

3. Don̢‰t overuse your products Just a dab will do it. If you use more of these styling products, it will make your hair greasy. Spray some beach spray on to your dry hair, to add that moisture your hair needs. A messy look on that pixie cut will look sexy and you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

4. Give your hair another parting Changing the parting of your hair can make your pixie look completely different, you can even pull it in the middle and use a lightweight hair gel to set it flawlessly in the front.

5. Get some volume A little bit of bounce can do wonders to that pixie cut! A lightweight volumizing spray can turn your fine mane into a bouncy luscious look. Too much volume will ruin the texture of your hair. Just spray a bit onto your hair to get that perfect look.

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