Want To Know How To Rock Those Bangs?

There are different ways to cut or style your bangs. Learn how to choose the right look! The wrong bangs can be unflattering and add unwanted pounds or years on, while the right bangs can do just the opposite and give you a youthful flair. Every face shape has its own type of fringe or bang, so if you dont know yours then check out this handy list below. Want To Know How To Rock Those Bangs? 1. Oval Oval face can pull off any fringe style, but a straight across blunt fringe looks especially nice. 2. Round A side swept longer fringe works best, but some straight across fringes can work well too. 3. Square Long, side swept bangs or arched bangs suit this face shape. 4. Oblong Looks best in a longer eye skimming fringeeither an arched fringe or straight across with lots of layering. 5. Heart This shape face can pull off straight across or long side-swept bangs the best. 6. Triangular Long, side swept bangs are suitable for this face shape. Now that you know what to look for, check out the latest hairstyles with bangs below 1. The Long Arched Fringe This style of fringe looks great with medium to long hair that has been layered. 2. The Short Jagged Fringe This fringe style will go well with any hair length from long to short, and will work with a straight or wavy hair texture the best. This fringe may need a bit of styling time to get it to sit nicely, as short bangs can be a bit difficult on some hair types! 3. The Straight Across Fringe These bangs will look fabulous with any hair type from a short bob to long hair and is suitable for straight hair textures. 4. The Soft Side-Swept Fringe This is another style of fringe that will suit any hair length from long to short and is especially good for ladies who want a bit of forehead coverage without full-on bangs.
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