How To Style Dry And Damaged Hair

Dealing with damaged hair can be both exhausting and frustrating. As if finding the  best hair care routine for damaged hair was not enough, you now need to find ways to style your damaged mane too. After all, the tools that we usually use to create hairstyles are one of the biggest causes of our poorly damaged mane. But don’t lose heart as you are not alone. With the constant wear and tear we put our hair through, it is but liable that the end result will be dry and damaged hair. Damaged hair is our hair’s way of telling us to slow it down with the hot tools. It is time to enhance the natural hair texture, be it straight or curly hair. Bid adieu to blow-dry and say hello to the air-dried mane. Try these amazing hairstyles on the naturally textured hair.
wet hairstyle Courtesy: Pinterest

1. Wet Hair Look

Creating a wet look hairstyle is a smart and sneaky way to hide the damaged tresses, no matter what is the length of your hair. Slicked back hairstyle is always in vogue and can be created no matter how short or long your hair is. Do use the to give the ultra-slick look while keeping your hair in place. For a pixie cut, simply gel it back and add a deep side part. For long mane, just push it back and let loose.
messy bun hairstyle Courtesy: Pinterest| @api.shopstyle

2. Messy Bun

For all the lazy girls out there, this is a blessing in disguise. This look helps hide damaged tresses, as well as gives the lazy gals a second chance at chic! What is important though is nourishing your mane back to life while using the right products like the , followed by the This has been designed especially to repair and nourish your poorly treated hair.
textured bob hairstyle Courtesy: Pinterest| @betternate

3. Textured Bob

We are aware that sometimes damaged hair changes texture. So we say, when you can’t fight it, work with it! Textured bobs are chic hairstyles for damaged hair, as they cut the hair off at their thinnest and give the appearance of fullness while ridding strands of split ends. Do not indulge in blow-dry and instead let them air-dry to show off the fun texture. You can also check out how you can Go short Like Yami Gautam to inspire you more to get this hairstyle!
half bun hairstyle Courtesy: Pinterest| @treasuresandtravel

4. Half Bun Hairstyle

Be smart and up your hair game by hiding your damaged tresses in the half- bun hairstyle. It is for a reason that this hairstyle has ruled 2018. From celebs to your office colleague, everyone can be seen donning this look. However, for damaged hair, it is essential to prep your hair first with the This works magic into your mane as it smoothens the hair whilst protecting it from the harmful pollution and other environmental hazards.
pixie cut hairstyle Courtesy: Instagram| @mandirabedi

5. Angled Pixie Cut

If you have been wanting to go short, then it can’t be a better time to snip those locks! The angled pixie cut is relatively easy to maintain. The layers help you style your hair in more than one way while making thin hair appear fuller. Do use the to give some bounce to your hair! So go girl and get your tresses styled in vogue without being scared about those damaged locks! While you try out these trendy hairstyles, don’t forget to do Things Your Hair Will Thank You For
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