Style Your Hair Like A Pro At Home

You can nail that ponytail or curl your hair perfectly, right at home. Just a few tips to up your styling game and you’ve got that mane on point. If the hairstylists do it, so can you! Check out these easy styling hacks that always have your mane covered. Style Your Hair Like A Pro At Home 1. Keep That Style Straight Your hairstyle can stay the way you left it by flipping the bobby pin so that the wavy side is against your head. Ladies, always remember the straight side of the bobby pin is slicker and wont grip as well as the wavy side. 2. Curls That Roll Well If you have straight hair and are craving for some curls, roll your hair into a coil, wrap it in a foil and press it with a tong or flat iron for curls. The foil is the perfect heat conductor that keeps the curl coiled as it cools down. So voilà, that’s how you get natural long looking curls at home! 3. Latent Pin Are braids your go-to hairstyle? We’ve got a secret tip to up that braid game. Tie the ends of your braid into a knot, then slide a bobby pin upwards into the knot to secure it. This gives you a chic braid with no hair tie! 4. Ponytail Hack Once you’ve tied your ponytail, gather a section about the width of your pinky from your pony and wrap it around your base. Tuck in all those loose ends with a bobby pin and you are ready.
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