How To Style Your Hair Using A Hair Dryer

Time and priorities are always in an unbalanced ratio. In this fast paced world there is barely any time for us to go to the salon, to get our hair cut and styled. Now get salon like styling at home with BBLUNT’s iR Professional Hair Dryer. Hair Dryer This iconic hair dryer allows you to style your hair in a different hairstyle every time you step out. Here's How to Style your hair using BBLUNT’s iR Professional Hair Dryer Unapologetically Straight Many girls have natural curls in their hair. We all know it takes a lot of time and product to get that salon like sleek look. Now you can get perfect straight hair look at home. All you need to do is start sectioning your hair in 2 – 4 parts, take your big paddle brush and keep rolling it through your hair while you are blow drying it. End it with a Curl This is a super sexy look for medium to long hair. Start with blow drying your hair straight from the top and then use a medium barrel brush and curl your hair up. Use the hair dryer on that part of your hair and let it dry, creating beautiful curls for your gorgeous hair. Short & Sweet It’s the easiest to do anything with your hair when it’s short. You can blow dry your hair using some volumizing mousse. This will make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. Keep working the mousse through your hair while your dry it. This will result in giving your hair plenty of bounce and BIG change, if you know what we mean. Bob Blow Dry A classic bob cut looks appealing when your hair is silky smooth and shows a lot of volume. You don’t need to put in much effort here. Just curl your hair towards the end inside. This can be easily achieved by using a round or a roller brush. Part the top hair into strands of equal size. Blow-dry every strand separately while slowly pulling it inward over the round brush from the roots to the ends. Use extra gloss spray for the finishing touch and hold. Curl those Bangs If you have bangs, and want them to look banging, then all you have to do, to style them up is use a round brush and a hair dryer. You could either curl them up or just straighten them and call it a day! Create 2 – 3 sections of your bangs and clip up one of them. Start rolling your bangs into the brush in an inward direction. Blow-dry your hair, starting from the roots, right up till the ends. Repeat the same with the other section and you’re ready to rock your curly bangs.
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