How To Style Your Hair With A Curl Defining Leave-In Cream

No one really understands the plight of a girl with curls, against the hassle of humidity. Deformed and frizzy curls are a nightmare, so get ready for some enhanced waves and defined curls with BBLUNT’s High Definition Curl Defining Leave-in Cream. This leave in conditioner understands your curls and leaves them looking flawless and frizz-free. All you have to do is, Flip your hair, and gently apply evenly all through your damp hair from roots to ends- Blow dry with a diffuser for maximum effect. For girls who like it kinky, go ahead show your curls some love. How To Style Your Hair With A Curl Defining Leave-In Cream Curl Defining Here are some styles, created by our very own stylists with BBLUNT's High Defintion Curl Defining Leave-In Cream, that you can go wild with! 1. Candy Floss If your hair is short, keep it sultry with this disheveled look! This is the perfect look for a night out or even a professional look for a busy working day. surabhi2 2. Twist n Shout Embrace your curls, and let them shout out loud! You can wear this look to beach parties, or casually for a dinner date. Let your head full of twisted curls look fabulous. shruti 3. Afro-Disiac Lure those boys in, with this chic, sexy yet controlled look. It shows of your defined curls in an ultra-modern style and surely creates a statement. arlette3 4. Queen B This hairstyle is definitely a head turner. A bold look that shows off your frizz-free, flawless curls, take over girls, because as Queen B says – Who run the world, CURLS! Well that’s our version of it. arlette Which one are you going to try on first?
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