How To Tackle Frizz In The Monsoon

Courtesy: Instagram| @mithilapalkar Ladies, let’s face it. Monsoon season turns out to be a complete nightmare due to the humid weather. Your hair tends to get unmanageable, complex and frizzy compelling you to look for measures to tame them. Here are a few precautions you can take to stop your hair from going frizzy-crazy.

1. Say Hello To Your New Bestie!

When your scalp loses its natural oils, it leaves your hair dry and frizzy, and in an unhealthy condition. The humidity makes the roots parched and brittle, hence its essential to deep condition your manes. Enter the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream. Packed with Provitamin B5 and Quinoa, this baby will ensure smoothening of your hair, leaving it looking great.

2. Say No To Towels

The way you dry hair plays a very important role when dealing with frizz. Rough towels often damage the cuticles. Always prefer to go for a soft cotton t-shirt instead. Gently dab your hair with the t-shirt and then wrap it around your scalp, rather than rubbing your hair with a towel vigorously.

3. Beer To The Rescue

Did you know that apart from making you have a good time, beer can also make your hair look attractive? Being filled with good acids and active enzymes, beer makes your hair lustrous and hydrated. Just rinse your hair by mixing equal amounts of beer and water, and your tresses will be left shiny and healthy.

4. Regular Snipping

Don’t skip that trip to the salon. Regular trimming and hair-cuts lead to a reduction in split-ends which play a big factor in solving frizz problems. Wondering what hairstyles to sport during the rainy days? Hairstyles Perfect For The Monsoon comes to your rescue!
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