How To Take Care Of Coloured Hair

Colouring your hair is probably the most exciting experience. The thrill of getting a makeover never gets old, right? It۪s all shiny and new at the salon when the stylist has done a dozen different things to your hair to give you that perfect look. But then comes the hard part maintaining that style and look! We often find people complaining about damaged hair after a colour-treatment. The internet is flooded with myths and warnings۪ about the horrors of hair colouring. Well, you don۪t need to re-think your decision to colour your hair. You go and get your dream hair, girl! We۪re here to help you maintain your beautifully coloured hair and trust us, if you simply follow these tips, your hair will be as healthy as ever! 1. Say Goodbye To Shampoo Okay, maybe not a goodbye forever۪, but you definitely need to ditch the usual hair wash routine and be more careful about how many times you shampoo your hair in a week. Our suggestion is to keep the shampooing to a minimum of once a week and maximum of twice a week, only if your hair is exceptionally dirty. For the rest of the week, use a colour-safe dry shampoo. This will keep your hair grease-free until your next wash.

2. Jump Right Over Into Cold, Cold Water Keep singing that song because with coloured hair, a nice hot-water shower is just not an option. Hot water can strip the colour off your hair and damage the scalp as well. Always wash your hair under cold water, even if your hair isn۪t coloured it۪s just good practice. It۪s also important to use the right kind of shampoo. You should look for mild shampoos which are sulfate-free. The BBLUNT Perfect Balance Shampoo and Conditioner are your saviour in this matter. They come with a unique colour-protect formula which will not only keep your hair and scalp nourished, but also help your hair colour last longer.

3. Your Hair Is What You Eat No matter how many products you use on your hair, a healthy diet is always the best kind of protection you can give to your hair. Unhealthy hair will not only lose their colour faster but also lead to extensive damage. Foods that include iron-rich protein help feed your scalp and hair with keratin the protein that adds texture, luster, and strength to your hair. You won۪t need an expensive keratin treatment if you just add foods like egg whites, spinach, soy, fish and meats (if you۪re non-vegetarian), nuts, etc. to your daily meal.

4. Skip The Swim Chlorine is your enemy when you have colour-treated hair. Unless you want your hair colour to turn into an unattractive shade of green, skip that swim at the next pool party you attend. Of course, there are protective measures that you can take if your love for a relaxing swim trumps your love for the recently coloured hair. Apply a protective leave-in conditioner to your hair before you get wet, or secure your hair carefully under a swim-cap to keep them dry entirely.

5. Don۪t Cheat With The Heat Coloured hair is more susceptible to damage, so adding more heat to colour-treated hair will not work out well in your favour. Avoid using blow-dryers, curling irons, straighteners, etc. as much as possible. Let your hair be as natural as possible when you۪ve undergone an extensive colour-treatment. When you do end up using one of those tools to style your hair, make sure you use the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum before you apply heat to your hair. This will prevent your hair from suffering any heat-styling damage and add extra hydration to your hair. Now that you۪ve got these handy tips, quit worrying about bad hair days and go for that super-glam look you۪ve been dreaming about. Confused about which shade will suit you the best? Find out your Salon Secret Shade now!

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