How To Take Care Of Stressed Hair

When you treat your hair like a science lab experiment, it is hard to avoid the side effects such as damage and dryness. There is nothing more heart-breaking than snipping your tresses because they are dry and lifeless and once your mane has sustained damage, it tends to start a vicious cycle and require extra care and attention to keep it healthy. However, there are still certain things you can do in order to revive your precious locks.

1. Be Gentle

We tend to manhandle our tresses one time too often. Be a little gentle next time you are brushing your hair. Go for a wide tooth comb and try to detangle your strands as much as possible with fingers and avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet.

2. Know Your Hair Cleanser

There are tons of products present that claim to be beneficial for stressed hair but actually do more harm than good. Choosing the correct shampoo is crucial when you are looking to revive it back to life. Go for the BBLUNT Born Again Shampoo For Stressed Hair as it contains ingredients like quinoa, hydrolysed keratin and provitamin B5 which reinforces and strengthen your hair. Follow it up with the BBLUNT Born Again Conditioner For Stressed Hair.

3. Regular Trimming Is Key

We all want to hold on to any length we have but the longer you go between haircuts, the farther the damage spreads. If the hair is left untrimmed for too long, the split ends spread upward, which means damage is imperative and you end up chopping much more than you bargained for. Hence regular trimming will keep your hair healthy and will keep a check on the split ends. Wondering how to get rid of those nasty split ends? Check out How To Get Rid Of Split Ends
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