6 Ways To Keep Your Hair Holi Proof

Is your hair ready to play Holi? Dont worry; we have got your hair covered with these simple tips. The festival of colours can do a lot of damage to your hair in just one day! Oils and massages will help keep your natural texture in place, despite the harmful colours on your hair. 6 Ways To Keep Your Hair Holi Proof 1. Massages are always a good idea Hair massages increase the blood circulation in your scalp and help make your roots stronger to withstand the chemicals in the Holi colours. Make sure you pamper yourself with these massages before the festival starts. 2. Get the mask on! A root mask will protect your hair from extreme dryness as well as your scalp. The mask will make it easier for your hair to regain its natural texture and shine after your Holi party ends. 3. Apply some oil Good amount of oil in your hair doesnt allow the colours to stick to your mane. Rub some oil deep into your scalp up to the tips for best results. 4. Split those bad ends up Before you start splashing colours all over, cut off those split ends. The colours will make your hair dry and will cause more split ends. Take good enough care of your hair and will show you the results you want. 5. Avoid a hair wash Try not to wash your hair before Holi, this will damage your hair and make it very dry. The hair wash will have a bad impact on your scalp and ruin the texture of your hair. 6. Holi Hairstyle A braid instead of a ponytail would work better on the festival of colours. The braid will help keep your hair together and cause less damage with the colours. Now you're Holi proofed! To know how to look your best on Holi, check out Hairstyles to go for this Holi!

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