How to Tease Your Hair Without Completely Damaging It

Tease, release and oomph! That’s the anthem for your voluminous mane. If backcombing doesn’t get you the result you want, teasing will most definitely give your hair that wondrous look. Stop the tantrums and start the tease! You will get blown away and we mean in a BIG way. How to Tease Your Hair Without Completely Damaging It 1. Perfect Tools The rat – tail comb has the long handle, which lets you backcomb with ease. You could also use a teasing comb instead of the rat. This comb has multiple lengths of bristles that help you build more volume. 2. Section Your Hair Divide your hair into 4-inch pieces and then into smaller divisions. From the root, comb toward the scalp using short strokes. 3. The Oomph Factor The tighter you pull the more tease you will create. For more voluminous oomph, keep combing your hair back and forth. This tease will give you that big glorious mane look. 4. Spray Some, Gain Some Add some hairspray to your hair and release the clipped area, so that it falls right onto your teased hair. Repeat these steps on any other section of your hair you would like to get that extra volume on. 5. Light Win Comb your hair lightly to give it more of a natural look. A little teasing never hurt nobody, so let your mane in on this secret and see the results! 6. Warning Before Teasing Don’t be too rough, that can cause massive breakage to your mane. If your hair doesn’t have the strength to go through this teasing, simply back comb the hair. When you backcomb, you only go through one particular direction as opposed to teasing your hair, which combs your hair in both directions.
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