How To Use A Hair Wax To Style Your Hair

How do you plan to style your hair today? Is there some concern of how your hairstyle will hold up? If styling wax is among your essentials for the day here are a few things you should keep in mind while using hair wax to avoid any hassles. How To Use A Hair Wax To Style Your Hair 1. Length Of Hair And Type Of Hairdo It is advisable to use styling wax for short or medium length hair. For longer hair, styling wax can serve the purpose of holding the stray hair in place at the tips. 2. Mind The Quantity Hair wax gives your hair a soft and bouncy look unlike gel, which gives the hair a sort of stiffness. Dont apply too much hair wax as your hair might result in looking a bit greasy. Also, you must take care to apply it evenly throughout your hair to avoid particular parts of your hairdo looking heavy. 3. Consistency Hair wax is thicker than gel or normal wax. Rub the quantity you need to use between your palms to soften the wax to make setting your hair easier. 4. Apply With Care When applying the wax, remember to not apply it too close to the roots or on the scalp. The wax is best used on hair and away from the scalp. Also, Styling wax does not wear off on its own; it has to be removed by shampooing. Hair wax makes the hair look voluminous and lustrous and makes any hairstyle manageable. Dont forget to try out BBLUNTs 3D Texturizing Wax Paste for long lasting hold!
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