How To Use A Dry Shampoo

Let’s face it, every girl needs a little extra ‘time in bed’, be it for sleeping or anything else that pleases her, if you know what we mean. BBLUNT’s Back to Life Dry Shampoo is the perfect go-to product for that last minute refreshing look, every girl craves for her hair. It’s extra convenient to spray on after the gym, or even for an outdoor party, so keep this beneficial bottle it your bag at all times! Back to life sry shampoo r Do’s & Don’ts Of Using BBLUNT’s Back to Life Dry Shampoo Do –Use it when the grease gets going Dry shampoo is something that should only be used during hair emergencies, so when the grease gets going, learn how to control it. Shake and spray it 6 inches away from your roots. Keep it handy as you may need it at any time for an instant pick me up. Since we don’t like going the traditional way, so girls, when you don’t have much time, avoid the shower, and reach out for your savior! look 2 Don’t – Use it daily Even though its super fun and convenient to use, avoid using it too much as it can dry out your scalp & create dandruff like coating. So control and try stepping into the shower once in a while, clean out your roots with regular shampoo and continue using dry shampoo only when necessary. We know it’ll be hard to control yourself, but limit your sprays for the right days. Do- Make sure to massage Spray it on, and make sure to massage it into your tresses, with your fingertips and brush through your hair so it’s well distributed amongst your strands. Dust it off and have yourself some refreshed, revamped, de-greased goodness! bb Don’t- Wet after you spray on Be sure not to wash it out, and stick to the instructions given at the back of the bottle. Dry shampoo is designed to go into dry hair and revitalize it by getting rid of all that grime. Brush it out and dust it off, and find yourself some hair to ‘dry’ for! We know…that pun was pretty bad. Do – Use it to give your hair volume Dry Shampoo has the added benefit of giving your hair that extra oomph! You can spray it on and brush it up with a paddle brush and even mold your hair into a stylish up-do or try a cute side braid for which the dry shampoo’s texture will create a messy but sexy effect. Along with volume, dry shampoo adds some grip to your strands, so comb it up and put in some bobby pins to get that natural hold. Don’t- Use it as a hairspray Even though it has some of the benefits a hairspray also does, don’t think of it as one! Dry Shampoo is your hair’s hero when it comes to grease and grime, but go with hairsprays if you want a lot of hold & shine. Dry Shampoo’s also add some shine and hold, but remember, that’s just another added benefit of this clever product.
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