How To Use An Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream To Style Your Hair

We’re girls who like it straight! But life doesn’t always go that straight for us, does it? Thanks to our stubborn friend who never fails to disappoint. He comes and goes without letting us know, whenever he pleases, he gets with other girls at the same time as well, he always justifies it by saying, “It’s not you, it’s me” and he surely makes all of us want to pull out our hair! Yes girls, we’re talking about the infamous heart breaker – Humidity. What were you thinking? Here at BBLUNT, we aim to lessen the pain and make the constant fight between Hair & Humidity, a fair one. We give you, the hero to your heart breaker – BBLUNT Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-in Cream. This product keeps your hair in control, whatever the weather and helps you fight the frizz! Girls, now let your hair be the winner. BBlt_WP_2 How to use BBLUNT’s Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream to style your hair Step 1 – Take a small amount of BBLUNT’s Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream and apply evenly, on towel dried damp hair, focusing on mid-lengths and ends. Be sure to stay away from your scalp while applying it to your hair. Step 2 – Take a wide toothed comb and comb through your hair so that the serum is distributed through your strands evenly. Step 3 – Once you get yourself tamed, shinier and frizz-free hair, go ahead and style as you desire. For girls who- 'cut to the chase', we recommend The Bob: reshma Short, sweet & sexy! ‘The Bob’ is an edgy hairstyle that gives any girl, who likes to wear it short, a neat sophisticated and sleek look. Click here to see how to get the look. For girls who- 'long for the chase', we recommend 461x525_nidhi_1 Tousled & tame, the two words that define our collection and also this hairstyle. This effortless, yet sexy look is perfect for girls with long locks. Click here to see how to get the look.
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