5 Different Ways To Use Hair Gel To Style Your Hair

Hair gel is your savior when you need that natural hold! Whether you want the messy look, classy bun or even just letting your hair loose, hair gel makes them all look smooth and shiny. Just coin-sized amounts of the gel can do wonders for your mane. 5 Different Ways To Use Hair Gel To Style Your Hair Slicked back Flaunt this slicked back wet look using the right hair gel. Use a dollop of gel and use your fingers as a comb to gather your hair and pull it back into a ponytail or a loose bun! To finish off this look, use a bit of lipstick or define your eyes with eyeliner and you’re ready. Make it smooth Hair gel works best to tame the hair and to keep each strand in place. The secret giving your ponytail a silky, smooth professional look is the right hair gel. Want some texture to that look? Then let the tail be fluffy and natural. Messy is sexy Make a centre part or a slightly off-centre part and rub a small amount of gel between your hand before your fingers run through the root and tips of your hair, tuck your hair behind your ears as you go along with this process. The look you get is messy with a bit of shine. The right amount of messy needs to be just perfect, otherwise your hair will end up looking unkempt. Get that band on Getting your hair off your face is most attractive especially with the contrasting textures, soft and loose throughout the lengths and combed back with your preferred hair gel and not to forget, your head band! Natural is always beautiful To get those natural curls or waves you can use your hair gel too! If you want your hair off your face without using any pins, just use a coin sized amount of hair gel to brush your hair back and that’s all you’ve got to do for those natural looking tresses. Make sure you use BBLUNT’s Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel. It will help keep your hairstyle in place by giving it great gloss, natural fullness and just the right amount of hold, without weighing it down.    
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