3 Ways To Get Control Over Your Hair

Courtesy: DNA India It’s a Saturday, you’ve got big plans for the night, and you’ve spent a good amount of time just getting your hair to look the best that it can. You step out into the windy night and oops, your hair is messed up and all that effort into styling your hair has gone to waste. Happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? To all you poor guys who have gone through this, we hear ya! All you need to do is master the art of taming your hair before styling it. Following these tips before styling your hair for any look will make sure your hair maintains its form all night. 3 Ways To Get Control Over Your Hair 1. Moisturize That Mane Nope, it’s not just the ladies who need to condition their hair. Using a moisturizing conditioner can do the trick to cut the frizz in your hair. Moisture also gives volume and weight to your hair, preventing it from losing form. 2. Pat Dry While drying your hair, don't use the towel vigorously. Shake out the excess water and rub your hair with a towel gently in the direction it grows in, rather than tousling the hair dry. This will prevent frizziness and split-ends, and also maintain the texture of your hair. 3. Use The Right Product The BBLUNT Total Control Maximum Hold Fibre Paste is your best friend when you need to give your hair the maximum hold and make it stay in one place. Gone are the days when the wind could ruin your hard work. Just take a small amount in your palms and apply evenly to damp, towel dried hair and you’re good to go. You can now mould, sculpt and style your hair and step out looking exactly how you want to, not just for the first five minutes, but the whole night. Don’t know what style to go with for a Saturday night? Here are 6 Party Hairstyles for Men to choose from.
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