Iconic Hairstyles from Your Favourite TV Shows

If you’re looking for some inspiration to revive your lockdown locks, what better place to start than all of the TV shows you’ve been binge-watching over the last year. Your favourite TV shows are packed with so many hairstyles that are worth replicating at home. With this in mind, we’ve gathered up a selection of some of the best hairstyles from the small screen, from 90’s favourites to right through to new shows on Netflix.

This World Television Day, we’re honoring our favourite and best hairstyles from the iconic Tv shows. Read on below to pick your favourite and revive your locks. 

1. Rachel Green's Mid-Length Layers from Friends


Does this hairstyle not have everything we loved about every other hairstyle she had? Not too long, not too short; immaculate layers; the part shifted to the right ever-so-slightly to create a teeny touch of side-swept bangs. It was perfect for both J-Aniston and Rachel, which is why this will be forever cemented as the true “Rachel” haircut in our hearts. If you wanna switch up your hairstyle, go ahead a get a mid-length layer hair cut, honestly, this one never goes out of style. 

2. Daphane Bridgerton's Short Fringe from Bridgerton


Bridgerton was one of the favourite shows to binge-watch during the lockdown, and the hairstyles of the show character Daphne Bridgerton were stunning. With a short fringe to add a flourishing finish, Daphne Bridgerton gives hope to any of us who have attempted a fringe trim at home. If you’ve cut your fringe a tad too short, worry not – simply part it down the middle, with soft curls and you’ll look like a Bridgerton beauty.

3. Carrie Bradshaw's Loose Curls from Sex and The City


Carrie Bradshaw gave us many memorable beauty moments, but no matter the outfit she was wearing, her look wouldn't be complete without her signature, big, blond curly hair. The detail and definition of her curls were always stunning, yet somehow looked so effortless. And just like that, this signature style will no doubt be making a return in the newly announced series reboot. If you’re one of the curly gang members, check out the curly hair routine and get your hands on the BBLUNT Curly Hair Care Range to maintain those gorgeous looking curls. 

4. Blair Waldrof's Iconic Hairbands from Gossip Girl


 Spotted, Queen B rocking a new stunning headband. Blair Waldorf was almost always seen with a fresh and fashionable headband in the show ‘Gossip Girl’ and we were all envious of her collection, but she also had cascading curls that were never out of place to complete her iconic look. 

5. Dr. Derek Shephard's Dreamy Manes from Grey's Anatomy


 Would McDreamy have been even half as fine without that lush, silver-glazed mane of his? Hard to say. What we do know is that of all the time Dr Derek Shepherd appeared on the show we spent at least half of that watching his wonderful locks in motion. Guys, this one is for you, if you have slightly curly or wavy hair, Dr. Derek is your inspiration! You can style your hair with BBLUNT’S Curly Hair Leave-In Cream to define those luscious locks. 

If you’re a binge-watcher, just like us, you definitely have to try these hairstyles with our amazing styling products which are available for all types of hair. 

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