If You're In A Hurry, Don't Worry! Check Out These Air Drying Hairstyle Ideas

In a hurry? Don’t you worry, honey! All your air drying questions are answered right here. Take a peek below and bid your worries goodbye. Cheers to having beautiful smooth hair without the blow dryer. If You're In A Hurry, Don't Worry! Check Out These Air Drying Hairstyle Ideas 1. Braid ‘em Up To get effortless curls or waves braid your hair up when it’s a bit wet and leave it to dry. You don’t really need to tie it up, you could even make a braid and let it fall naturally. Once your hair is dry completely remove those twists and witness natural wavy hair. 2. Get A Bun This bun technique never fails to give you the result you want! If you have curly hair, a bun with help set those curls better. As for all the straight haired ladies out there, the bun will give your hair a bit more texture and waves at the end. Secure the low or high bun with an elastic band, leave it to dry and when you unravel the look, it will be just what you wished for. 3. Double Braids Make two loose braids and clip them up the ends. This helps you get gorgeous looking waves in no time. Twist those braid up to perfection to get that smoother wavy look. Braiding and twisting your hair up actually prevents your hair from puffing while it dries. 4. Curls On Fleek Spray, scrunch and let it dry! That’s all you need to know to get those polished looking curls. Once you are done with this curl process, make sure you don’t touch a finger on that mane. Give it enough time to dry and boom! You’ve got ‘em magical curls.
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