IMBB Reviews Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray

Hi IMBB family… This is my very first post on IMBB and I have gained the confidence to finally write a post after seeing all you wonderful and confident ladies writing and sharing so much of information here. IMBB is truly a blessing for women who are taking baby steps in to the world of makeup and beauty. I have decided to become an active part by writing my first review and hope to write many more in the future. BBlunt_Blown_Away_Volumizing_Leave
BBlunt_Blown_Away_Volumizing_Leave-in_Spray__1_ BBlunt_Blown_Away_Volumizing_Leave Okay, so now I shall start talking about the product. The product I am going to review is the ‘BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Spray’. Price: INR 550 My experience with BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Spray: Packaging: This spray comes in a very funky bright yellow colored hard-plastic bottle. I kind of like the packaging compared to the typical old-style spray bottle packs. The bottle has its name written in a simple manner with an image of the dryer just below the name which makes it more fun and quirky. The lid of the bottle has a spray-nozzle attached to it and this nozzle is covered by a removable cap which is quite funny and I would have liked something which could have been attached to it. BBlunt_Blown_Away_Volumizing_Leave-in_Spray__4_
BBlunt_Blown_Away_Volumizing_Leave-in_Spray__3_ Texture and consistency: Talking about the product, it is a clear liquid, which is not really greasy but still has that minimal amount of stickiness which is anyways presents in all kinds of hair sprays. It has a mild,fresh fragrance which is not very bothersome and neither does it stay on for long. BBlunt_Blown_Away_Volumizing_Leave-in_Spray__7_ BBlunt_Blown_Away_Volumizing_Leave-in_Spray__6_
And now talking about the actual part, this hair spray does an amazing job of adding nice volume to my hair. I have naturally fine and thin hair which lacks volume and looks flat if not taken proper care of. As per the instructions, I flip my towel-dried hair and spray this all over focusing on the roots, post which I blow dry my hair and voila!! I have soft,frizz-free fuller looking hair which draws me compliments from my girls asking me if I visited a salon. The volume stays for the entire day, as in like the complete 8-9 hours when I am in office and I guess I am quite happy with that. Pros of BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Spray: Attractive packaging Does its job pretty well Not greasy Has a subtle fragrance Adds good volume and makes hair soft Cons of BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Spray: Would have loved it if the spray nozzle had an attached closure. Though funky, some might find the packaging cheap. The pricing could have been a little low for that quantity. Would have loved if it had something to do with adding shine along with volume.
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