IMBB Reviews Our Hair Straightener

Our #ManeGirl Rati from IMBB reviewed our BBLUNT's Linear Professional Straightener. Check out what she has to say below.

I am a straight hair girl. I naturally have straight hair. My natural hair dries a bit wavy so I use hair straighteners all the time to make my hair poker straight. This is my third straightening iron and honestly I was not expecting it to be this good as it turned out to be. This is like a straight on professional product. I haven۪t gone back to using my hair straighteners since the time I have started using this one. Obsessed.

I love how sleek and glossy it is made. It comes with a rubber cap that clamps the two plates together. Honestly, it is the best thing ever when it comes to travelling. It only takes up space of a small roller in your suitcase. Best, the cap keeps the clamps protected at all time.

It comes with a looooooong wire. I have so many switches at bottom so I always have to sit and straighten to hair. Not with this one. I stand infront of the mirror swoosh-swoosh and I am done. hahah!

The ceramic plates have infrared heaters that heat up the hair from inside out and create -ve ions. It adds shine to the hair and tames the frizz.

It has an amazing temperature control and it heats up within seconds. And you can totally increase or decrease the heat depending in how you want to use it. I mostly keep it on high and within 4-5 rounds, my hair is all straight and ready.

I like how plates are longer and not too wide. In my experience I have noticed that slimmer clamps give a better finish to hair as compared to wider clamps. And I noticed that l I finish doing my hair faster with these clamps as compared to the broader plates even though the broader plates grab more hair in one go. I don۪t know the reason behind it. It۪s just my personal experience.

It glides very smoothly on your hair causing any pulls and leaves hair very sleek.

If you are good with hair stylings, you can totally use it to create waves and I think the rounder exterior make things easier with you.

Overall, I am obsessed with this hair iron. I took it with me to Thailand, to mom۪s place and it is travelling with me everywhere I۪d go. If you are looking for a hair straightener change, I۪d totally recommend it. I have medium length hair but I don۪t see any reason why it shouldn۪t be working on long or short hair. I۪d buy it again at a drop of hat myself. :)

Rating : 5/5

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