Indian Beauty Forever Reviews Our Dry Shampoo

Indian Beauty Forever reviewed our Dry Shampoo. Check out what she has to say

Hi girls!! How many of you have dull and oily hair that gets oily and forces you to give them a hair wash everyday. I think a lot of us face this problem in summers or humid weather when the scalp gets oilier and sweaty. For that problem, dry shampoos can be extremely useful. I will review this dry shampoo in this post by BBlunt. I have already reviewed the BBlunt hair shine polisher and now it the turn of this Dry shampoo to get reviewed. Okay, so let۪s test it!!

Price of BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo: This is for 550 Rupees in India.

Experience with BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo too comes in a deo like tin can packaging with a spray pump at the top. I like that dry shampoos can help to get rid of the greasiness and sweat from the hair. A dry shampoo can be really handy when you have to attend a meeting after the tiring day and do not have time to wash the hair.

This also reminds me of the times when we are most likely to sweat like after a gym session or dance class when your hair gets sweaty, dry shampoo can be used. This dry shampoo do not have any characteristic smell.

How I use this Dry shampoo:

I will just spray this directly on the scalp by sectioning the hair. Then once I am done with the application of the dry shampoo on the scalp. I will massage the scalp for 30 seconds to let the dry shampoo absorb the greasiness and also to dislodge any white residue visible. After that I will also spray that on the hair strands since they also get greasy and oily.

In fact I was also thinking that girls with oily hair and oily scalp can find dry shampoos to be very handy and useful.

In the pictures above where I am holding this, for that shoot, I have my second day hair which gets oily so, I used this on the scalp and some on the hair. You can see that they are not freshly washed hair this is why the shine is also not there rather they look dull as compared with other pictures that I post on the blog. :) So, this shoot was more for the dry shampoo testing primarily.

By the way, I like taking pictures where I can show at least 3-4 products haha like in this picture, I am done with the dry shampoo, lipstick, contact lenses and the greenish eye makeup .:D

Anyways, This is my third dry shampoo that I have used and liked this. This is decently priced at 550 rupees. A small size of this is also available for 250 bucks if you just want to try out dry shampoos. Then that trial small pack can be tried.

The product is good and affordable but with dry shampoo you should know how to use that properly which is easy and you will be good to go every time you will use them.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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