Instantly Shiny And Glossy Hair- BBLUNT & Shereen

A couple of weeks ago i went in to the BBlunt salon at Khar and got half my hair chopped off. I must say it was very liberating having all that unhealthy hair length I held on for so long, fall to the floor. Farah , the salon director was amazing at understanding what colour I wanted and gave me this stunning Burgandy, purple colour that looked so subtle indoors, but the moment my hair hit the sunlight it looks friggin amazing. Now for the most exciting part, the finishing touch for that beautiful salon look, that perfect blow-dry that makes us feel like rockstars when we leave the salon. Farah used BBlunts anti Frizz cream on my damp hair and then blow dried it. After finishing she used this magic spray – BBlunt Spotlight hair polish to add some extra gloss to my hair. It looked so good, obviously my first thought was, its never gonna look like this when i do it myself. I bought both the products anyway to try my luck. I am so excited to tell you guys that these 2 products really add so much richness and gloss to my hair. I love using them both, one before drying and one as a finishing spray. I did a blog post just for my hair this time because of how amazing it looks.   Shereen - Masaba-11Shereen - Masaba-17Shereen - Masaba-20Shereen - Masaba-35Shereen - Masaba-46Shereen - Masaba-56Shereen - Masaba-57Shereen - Masaba-58Shereen - Masaba-62Shereen - Masaba-67Shereen - Masaba-69Shereen - Masaba-70Shereen - Masaba-96 Products used : BBLUNT Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave in Cream BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish Dress : Masaba Shoes : Jeffery Campbell For more information click here.
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