BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum Review By Akanksha Redhu

Post my return from my 50 day vacation halfway across the globe, my hair needed some SERIOUS attention. After having been through at-least 5 different weather conditions and countless instances of getting tied up and being left open in the wind and sun, they had started to look a bit drab and lifeless mainly due to the lack of hydration. Once I came back, I discovered the newly launched ‘Intense Moisture Serum’ by BBLUNT and it seemed like just the product my hair were in need of. And it was! Image 1 Image 2 Even though I have an oily scalp, my hair were really dry and this product was a saviour. It provides a boost of moisture and nourishment that encourages the hair to regain their natural glow and sheen. I love that this has been specially created for Indian hair, that are a lot thicker and sometimes tend to have a mind of their own. How I use it After every-time I shampoo my hair and pop out of the shower, I wrap them up in a towel and get on with my regular skincare routine and put on some makeup if the occasion calls for it. Then I remove the head-towel so that the excessive water has been soaked up. I pump out 1 pump of the serum from the bottle and that is enough for the length of my hair. Believe me, a little goes a LONG way with this serum because it’s really moisturizing. I then glide it all over my palms and slip my hair through my palms – first on one side then one the other and lastly I just scrunch my hands all over my hair ends. You must keep in mind to apply the serum only to the length or ends of your hair – never to the scalp. article 3 article 4 article 5 I also sometimes use just a teensy amount of the serum on dry hair after a blow dry for that extra sleek shine for an evening out. Works like a charm. But on a more regular basis it goes on after my showers on damp, towel-dried hair. Texture When you pump it in your palm you see that it’s a clear serum and is just slightly more thick than water so it is a bit runny and glides onto the hair strands with real ease. Ingredients The Intense Moisture Serum by BBLUNT has the goodness of Avocado, Jojoba & Argan oils and also contains Vitamin E Results It really helped with bringing back life to my hair and I could tell that they were happy with the hydration. The hair become absolutely calm and a joy to manage – no flyaways or frizzy medusa situations. I’ve been loving this product for the shine that it imparts to the strands as well. article 6 article 7 article 8 Hope you enjoyed the review and do leave your thoughts if you have tried out the product yourself.
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