International Hair Trends To Watch Out For

Hair is such a big part of our identity. Whether you have thick long hair, pixie cut or unruly curls, it is all unique to you. In many ways, our hair personifies who we are. So when we look to change our appearance, we often tend to start with the hair. If you have been getting a little bored off late of getting inspiration domestically then maybe it is time to look around the globe and get inspired by the global trends. Let us check some of the most sensational and trend-setting International hair looks.
global hairstyles Courtesy: Pinterest| @picsbucket

1. Wavy Bob

The wavy bob has been a trendsetter in Korea lately. If you’ve followed Korean trendsetters on Instagram, you may have noticed that many female stars and models have gone for the big chop in recent months. Maybe it’s because of the impending warm weather, but the amount of Instagram stars going for a short bob have got us convinced that the long bob is the hairstyle of the season. We noticed that Korean girls tend to take a slightly different approach to styling the short bob hair. Instead of the sleek straight route, they like to keep it wavy which makes the look truly unique.
international hair colour trends Courtesy: Pinterest| @glamouruk

2. Tousled Waves

Queen of the big, bouncy blow-dry, we love the tousled waves loaded with volume. This is a hairstyle which is an absolute favourite of the natives of Brazil. Tousled waves, or more commonly known as beachy waves or curls, are having a moment right now. The style is all over the international runways and red carpets. This messy hairstyle is not only sexy as hell but also quite easy to create and pull off. To get the perfectly defined waves, always remember to prep your hair with the
boxer braid hairstyles Courtesy: Pinterest

3. All The Way Burgundy

Burgundy hair colour shade is the prettiest hair trend on social media currently and we are all hearts for it! This hair colour shade is like a glass of wine for your hair. Thanks to its blend of cool blue and warm red undertones, it looks good virtually on all skin tones and hair types. This merlot hair colour shade is surprisingly easy to pull-off in spite of being edgy. No need to book salon appointments to get this trendy hair colour shade. All you need to do is get your hands on the
boxer braid hairstyles Courtesy: Pinterest| @gala

4. Boxer Braids

Boxer braids have always been a popular way to tame unruly textures in New York and now the world is catching up to this trend. They are also known as the double French braids. To make sure you have no flyways while creating this hairstyle, prep your hair with the This serum provides an extra boost of nourishment and gloss to dry hair. Thick and rebellious hair is smooth, manageable and well-nourished, making it perfect to style it any way you want.
international hair trends 2019 Courtesy: Pinterest| @harpersbazar

5. LA Bob

Imagine the simple bliss of turning the mirror only to find that your hair has fallen perfectly! The easy to style, sleek bob hairstyle was gifted to the world by none other than the city of dreams and glamour, Los Angeles. If you have been wanting to try a new cool hairstyle, then nothing will make you stand out more than this one. For that perfect glass hair, spray the There, now you have all the updates from around the world to change your mane game and look like the diva you were born to be! If you cannot get enough of the International trends, then The Hair Style File Of Bella Hadid is a must read!
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