Is Quinoa Good For The Hair

Quinoa is the new superfood on the block. What is it exactly? It is a herbaceous seed that is incredibly packed with proteins and other nutrients. It has made a resurgence amongst the health conscious circles and we’re struggling to find a better alternative for it! Looking for an all-natural way to tame that mane? Well, Quinoa is your answer and we’ve got some tips for your hair. There are numerous natural hair benefits from this superfood, take a look below! Is Quinoa Good For The Hair 1. Protects Hair Shaft Being so explosively packed with nutrients, it makes for the perfect natural treatment for the hair shaft. It contains 9 essential amino acids that are primed for hair growth and repair. You no longer have to worry about those pesky hairs you find in your shower drain. 2. Provides Nourishment And Hydration To The Scalp Quinoa is loaded with humectants. In simpler terms, it is a substance that keeps your hair hydrated. Wave goodbye to those polluted and blistering Indian weather worries. Go one step further and use the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum which guarantees thick, well-nourished hair! 3. Treats Dandruff By sealing the moisture in the scalp, critical minerals such as iron, calcium and phosphorous get rid of dandruff. Forget that flaky scalp and get wavy, glossy hair in no time! 4. Maintains Original Hair Colour Quinoa is truly the champion of haircare. It contains amino acids that are responsible for the pigmentation of the hair and skin. It boosts the pigmentation in the hair ensuring a fuller, healthier look. 5. Seals Split Ends The proteins present in the quinoa are capable of penetrating the hair to increase elasticity. This along with BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum will give your hair a bold, bouncy look! Pair up the Quinoa and the hair serum for an enviable glossy head of healthy hair! Wondering how to apply the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum? Check out Are You Using Your Hair Serum Correctly?
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