Isthaka India's Review Of Blown Away Volumizing Leave In Spray

We all know about washing out hair and conditioning them. But the new thing is the latest range of leave in sprays and creams. They are good and super easy to use!!

First of all let۪s appreciate the packageing !!! Its a sleek design in a pop yellow which i loooove. It has a nice spray head which comes along with a cap just in the shape of the spray head!!! Cool idea!!

(I love spray heads. They just make all the product so easy to dispense).

Price: 550rs

What is it for and what does it do??

Well it۪s basically a volumizing spray which is supposed to reach for ur roots n give extra volume. So if u have limp hair(who doesn۪t) then this is your solution!!

Usage: Spray and blow-dry or spray and let it dry on its own.

Best practice: wash you hair, towel dry them, turn them upside down and spray one pump each at different areas of your roots. Once done, let the hair dry on their own.

Voila! U have bouncy, flyffy hair with such little effort!!!!

Try it n lemme know how it was!!!!

Fancy word for today blast dry۝ is just another fancy word for blow dry!!!

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