Why Restrict Celebrating Women To One Day, Asks Jennifer Winget

There are reports that Jennifers character in Sony Entertainment Televisions TV show Beyhadh will soon have a make-over. She met BBLUNT Founder and Creative Director Adhuna Bhabani to talk about it.

Why should celebrating, acknowledging, appreciating and loving women be restricted to one day? Its great to see so many women grab the world by its lapel, push their limits and shine through it all, Jennifer said in a statement.
She added: Strong women, I am blessed to know so many of them; Adhuna is a great example they are constantly building all of us and contribute so much to our success. Theyve not only made their mark professionally but are exemplary role models beyond it.

Bhabani supported her views, and said: I am a firm believer that everyday should be about equality, for male and females alike.


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