Kanchan Daniel - A Strong Smart & Sassy Woman Shares Her Story #RealWomenRealStories

Kanchan Daniel is a woman who's story everyone should hear. Read on to know about her truly inspiring journey. For years, women have been expected to match everyone's idea of perfection, any flaws or failures aren't accepted, we at BBLUNT believe in imperfection and being who you are - what are your views on the concept of 'embracing imperfection'? Ans : Imperfections are the cracks in the wall that let the light in. I have physical scars from my battle with cancer which others may call imperfections, but these very imperfections have become my strength. You fought all odds and survived cancer, could you share with us your story and what motivated you to keep going? I was diagnosed which stage 3C dysgerminoma cancer at the age of 17. I underwent 8 surgeries and 3 cycles of chemo. The fight with cancer was a physical and mental battering, but I learned to embrace the pain and use it as my fuel for my journey to getting well and I fought the disease tooth and nail and just hung on. What kept me going also was the unstinting support of family and my doctors. Were there any moments when you lost hope, if so, how did you fight in those instances? The fight with cancer was full of pain and fighting it was not easy, however I never gave up because losing hope would mean letting cancer win and I refused to let that happen. Now you are a clinical psychologist and a lead singer in your own band which is highly commendable at such a young age. What advice would you give the youth who havent really found their path? In your quest for the right path, do not lose sight of your passion because it is passion that will lead to your purpose in life and remember whatever you do, see that it makes you happy. There are very few female led bands in India, whats your take on that and do you see that changing? We are evolving towards that and it is most definitely the start of a big change as more and more women take on the stage.
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