Kareena Kapoor’s Go-To Airport Hairstyle

Kareena Kapoor’s Go-To Airport Hairstyle When you’re constantly on the go, beauty and style can take a back seat while you focus on the more important things like catching that early morning flight on time. If you think that’s how Kareena Kapoor functions, you’re wrong of course. Kareena can make simple look stylish with her attitude, and that’s exactly what she goes for in her airport looks. Keeping it neat and easy to handle, Kareena always goes for a top knot that can easily be unfurled into gorgeous waves as soon as she steps out at her destination. Now you know what to do with your hair when you’re living out of a suitcase! When going for a top knot with not a lot of time to take care of your hair, make sure you use the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum to keep your hair from becoming dry and thin, and don’t forget to keep the BBLUNT Classic Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness in your handbag for a quick hair fix as soon as you step out. Time to say goodbye to bad travel hair! Want to get more Bollywood airport looks? Check out Our Favourite Celebrity Airport Looks.
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