Kareena Kapoor's Journey With BBLUNT

The queen of Bollywood needs no introduction. She's the begum of shine, the silver screen superstar, and the epitome of royalty. Her talent on screen is insurmountable, and her gifted grace is something most of us can only dream of possessing. What she has achieved over the past 18 years in the film industry still leaves us and everybody else in awe. She’s one of a kind, and there are truly no words that can do justice to her wonderful persona. She’s THE #BossWoman and her journey with BBLUNT has been as much of a joy for us, as it has been for her. Check it out – Kareena Kapoor Launches Salon Secret With Adhuna Babhani Check out Kareena’s favourite Salon Secret shade and lots more. All About The Begum Her versatile roles have left us amazed time and again, and this one’s dedicated to our favourite Bollywood queen. How To Get Kareena Kapoor’s Glam Look Want to look like the royal diva? Check out this tutorial to get the look. It’s impossible not to fall for her charm! She’s an inspiration for beauty, confidence, and pure elegance. Want to know who else is a Boss Woman? This young blogger is making her mark with her unique style. Check out Akanksha Redhu’s Journey With BBLUNT.
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